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My name's Donna Noble

I used to be just a boring old Temp from Chiswick. But I met this man called The Doctor and he showed me the Universe and how amazing all of It was.

I'm traveling the stars alone, it's not all that glamorous alone, but surviving without the Doctor is what I need to do.

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"Hello. I’m Clara. And you are?"


"Donna." Donna replied shortly, still feeling a bit woozy from the uncomfortable landing from the vortex manipulator. "This is going to sound  daft but where am I?"


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Old Friends 


The Doctor laughed at her joke, well it was more of a snort. He stuck his tongue out slightly and shrugged his shoulders. “If I wanted to kill you don’t you think you’d be dead already?” It seemed like Donna was accepting him as a friend, well his persona. He figured if worse came to worse he could reveal himself, which wouldn’t be that hard considering his TARDIS was at the foot of the mountain. He couldn’t see it through the thicket of trees but he remembered where he parked it.

The sun was slowly lowering into the horizon taking with it the temperature. The wind began to pick up and crawl up into his sleeves, making him shiver. “I might do just that.” He chuckled in reply, adjusting his scarf again. He was starting to think of how nice it would be to return to the TARDIS and curling up in a chair by the fireplace in the drawing room. Then Donna mentioned going back to his house, the house he didn’t actually have. A small flash of panic took over him as he smiled. “That sounds lovely.” He began to walk towards the woods, desperately trying to come up with a plan.

Donna followed behind him, kicking up snow as she trudged down the hilled slope, plus walking on slippery icy ground wasn’t exactly fun, especially since she nearly slipped once or twice. “So this is what you do then?” Donna wondered “You walk up and down this mountain too often.” 

Once she made it to semi level ground she let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding and thanked god that she didn’t fall over because that would’ve been uncomfortable. She wondered whether or not to call Torchwood back, but decided against the idea, she didn’t need to domestics right now. “So, where do you stay then?” she murmured, keeping her head down to scour the ground for any black ice.

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The Doctor picked up the shredded remains of his shirt. “But that was my favorite shirt,” he said, pouting slightly. He stared down at the bandages, starting to get a little soaked through with blood, and looked back up at her. He nodded. “That should do it! Now, where do you think I could find some clothes?”

The Doctor almost raised an eyebrow at her stiff and tense demeanor. “I see. I should pop back and see the old chap, yeah?” He smiled at her. “You know, Donna Noble, it’s good to see you again. It really is.” He reached out and gave her hand a small squeeze. “I’ve missed traveling with you.” Of course he had. He always missed the people he used to travel with. However, he couldn’t keep them forever. No matter how much he wanted to, he couldn’t. They would die. They would leave him. And he would just have to keep on living. Keep on going. And, after a while, the Doctor knew, he wouldn’t be able to anymore.

"What, so can ruin another shirt by bleeding right through it." Donna continued to lecture, she wouldn’t stop until she knew he was safe enough. "What am going to with you, eh? I’ve barely been gone 5 minutes and you get yourself attacked." Donna smiled, even though it was a weak smile that barely made it on her face. 5 minutes had infact been 10 months for her, and the pain was still very intact.  "Anyway, isn’t there a way to sort this out. Like, I dunno, nano-genes, or stitches or something. Whatever did this is still out there and I can’t have you trying to save everything with that bloody sonic screwdriver while you can’t even save yourself."

After trying to apply more pressure to the wound she shrugged “Could do. I guess they’re busy though and besides I don’t want them, especially Gramps, getting the wrong idea.” If she brought the Doctor back to the house, well, she didn’t want to think how her family would react. She had no doubt that Gramps would be happy, Mum on the other hand.. Donna had to suck in a breath before continuing, she never expected to meet the Doctor again so had hoped never to tell him this. “I…never wanted to see you again.” she admitted, feeling terrible about it. “Not because of what you did, I know you though that was important but, this is going to sound daft but, I was scared…of you, doing that again.”

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Old Friends 


The Doctor tilted his head at her laughter, trying not to act offended. He thought he could pull off being a pretty decent photographer.”Funny you mentioned astronomy as that’s what I mostly photograph. The sky is so clear at night up at the peak, you can see all kinds of constellations.” He grinned brightly at her, enjoying the fact that she’d mentioned him in the conversation.

After the handshake he jammed his hands back into his pockets, trying to keep them from freezing off. “Good to meet you too, I feel like we’re friends already.” The irony was killing him inside but he kept himself from laughing. He hadn’t realized how much he’d actually missed Donna. “I have a brilliant heating system.”

"friends." Donna mused, something she didn’t make enough time for, she barely spent a moment with her family nowadays, she felt bad about that. "Either that or you’re trying to lure me your place so you can turn me into human stew." she joked. Despite the ongoing trauma the Doctor was caused when he travelled with friends, Donna could still see the advantage. Everything in the Universe was beautiful, but it wasn’t as good alone. As much as she wanted a friend like the Doctor or the Doctor himself she knew that was out of the picture, Donna wasn’t one for hiding, but it’d do for the time being. 

Donna flicked a piece of hair out of her face as the wind flew at her. She raised an eyebrow at him curiously “Well, I suggest you get back to it. Otherwise you’re going to find yourself a block of ice if you’re here much longer.” she smiled amusedly before trying to flick the flakes of snow away again. Heating sounded brilliant but she could just as easy go to the mediterranean, something the Doctor wasn’t so keen on since he continued to take her to places like the oodsphere. Then again, where was the harm in actually taking the time to spend time with another human being “Tell you what, how about we try out your heating system and I’ll get us a decent cup of tea.” Donna offered. 

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The Doctor groaned as she tore his shirt. “No!” he cried, dragging out the word for a second. “This one was my favorite.” He snapped out of it, remembering that Donna was helping him, and pulled the shirt carefully off his shoulder. There was a long scratch, stretching from his armpit level down to the middle of his stomach, and the entire length of it was bleeding. To be honest, the Doctor didn’t know what he would have done if Donna hadn’t found him. 

The Doctor laughed a little, and coughed painfully. “Maybe a few, Donna Noble. Maybe a few.” He gasped in pain as she wrapped the bandages tightly around his body, pressing down on the wound with a lot of force. “Wow…yes, be gentle like that, Donna.” He was only teasing, of course, but Donna knew that. He was just glad to see her again. Donna Noble had always been the funny one, the loud one….one of the few mates he had. When they had to stop traveling together, the Doctor’s hearts had literally broken. But now they were back together, as if they had been separated for just minutes instead of months

The Doctor gave Donna a weak smile. “Speaking of the stars, how’s old WIlf doin’ then?”

"Stop moaning," Donna complained as she continued to wrap the bandage around him "I’ve seen children act less childish than you’re being." She picked up a pin from the ground that she had collected with the bandages and pinned the stray end to the rest. Should hold, she thought, until the Doctor found a genius way to heal it, she scoffed out loud at the thought, genius

His question hit Donna harder than it should’ve, It wasn’t like she never visited them. But never was a good a word as any. “He’s fine. Still watching the stars, for you. I told him to stop but he won’t” The last time Donna had seen her family was over a month ago, and even then it was just a fly visit to inform her family that she was safe. Gramps was arguing with her, like always, every time he saw her the first thing out of his mouth was ‘have you seen the Doctor’ he never understood that she never wanted too. “What about you, found someone new?” she asked, sitting back from the Doctor to check everything was secure. 

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Amy beamed. She couldn’t help it. Another time traveler. She knew she couldn’t leave, the timelines surrounding the event with the angels were too scrambled in her personal timeline, but seeing another time traveler made her feel a little less isolated and alone. “Well,” she said, still smirking, “you’re dressed like you’re from the 21st century, and yet here you are in 1939! It’s a little bit obvious to someone who’s done her fair share of time traveling herself.” She squinted at the woman suspiciously. “Doctor’s companion? Or someone different?”

"Why?" Donna questioned blankly "has the Doctor left his mark of disaster on you too?" she tried to shake that thought out of her mind. As much of an idiot as he was for not letting her think of a way out herself, it wasn’t his fault, and she to keep reminding herself. "Sorry, yeah, I used too. but something happened and now I’m alone. What happened to you, I thought he wasn’t supposed to take anyone from the past. Timelines and stuff?"

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The Doctor started to slip off his jacket as she was talking, wincing in pain every time he moved the wrong way. A corner of his lip curled up into a half smile at her reprimanding tone. “I promise,” he murmured. Finally pulling off on side of his jacket, he stopped to take a breather. He pressed down on the wound again, trying to slow the bleeding a little bit before actually moving again. 

He watched Donna throw the vortex manipulator out of her way, and he raised an eyebrow. “Oh no. Please tell me you aren’t using that thing to get around.” The Doctor detested vortex manipulators. They were like…the junker car from the impound lot of time travel devices. The one whose muffler drags and whose pieces fall out all the time.

He slipped off the other side of his jacket a little more easily, seeing as it wasn’t the side that his wound was on, and half his jacket  was off anyway. He pulled his tie loose, then slipped it off over his head. When Donna came back with the bandages, he decided that they shouldn’t waste anymore time. “Help me take off my shirt.”

As much as she tried to be civil, she felt the mischievous side come out of nowhere, the one she used when people deserved her wrath. She never did take kindly to insults. “I hope you don’t like this shirt.” she asked, more rhetorically, because before letting him answer she ripped it down the middle “Because i doubt you have the skills to repair it.”

The bandages were in a pile next her because she didn’t know which ones to bring. There were thick and thin bandage lying in piles on the floor. “I doesn’t look that bad,” she commented dryly “It might need stitches.” Donna grimaced at the thought “But don’t look at me, spaceman, because I ain’t doing anything with a needle.” She tried to sit the Doctor up a bit so she could apply the bandage around his stomach to at least stop the bleeding or the wound from getting worse.

"By the way," she began, without looking up, trying to keep the bandages in place "Incase you hadn’t noticed, you are the only person who owns a TARDIS and without you I’m stuck at home, so a few bumpy landings and crappy technology is okay with me so long as it gets me the hell away from this planet and into the stars."

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Old Friends 


“I quite like the stark white of the snow,” He started, pausing for a moment to decide what would sound plausible for his persona to say. “It makes for a good background for my photography.” The Doctor smiled down at her, glad that she accepted his offer. “You’re welcome.”

The question brought up past memories that still stung a little to think about. He looked away briefly at the white horizon. “Sometimes. I’ve realized there’s a point where I have to stop running, I don’t know when that’ll be.” If he was purposely avoiding the last part of her question he didn’t show it, at least he hoped he didn’t.

The snow fell around them and the Doctor couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast of the white flakes against her fiery hair. If he had really been a photographer it would have made a nice picture. “I’m Rory.” He supplied, stealing the name from his previous companion.

"You’re a photographer." Donna tried to repress a laugh stuck in her throat "Sorry, you just don’t really look the type, mate." she finally got out, along with a few short puffs of laughter "Besides, there ain’t much to capture down here." she assessed her surroundings, waving a hand at the mountain they stood upon before replying "well, up here." The Earth seemed small to her, after seeing everything out there, how could anyone think so much of this planet. "I had a friend," she began, without making eye contact "he would disagree. He always seemed to love this planet, despite its many flaws.” Donna wanted to cram the words back into her mouth, realising how stupid that sounded, but instead just tried to brush it off sanely “We kinda like astronomy.”

Donna reached out to shake his hand absentmindedly, despite how the bitter coldness of the snowy mountain had began to make her shiver, effortlessly keeping her from moving too much. “Good to meet you, Rory.” and she felt she meant it, something about him seemed, normal, comforting, but then again anyone who would choose to spend their time on a snowy mountain was bound to be bonkers. “It really is bloody freezing, how do you cope up here?”

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“Clara, or Oswin, whatever takes your fancy.” With a small smile, she extended a hand for her to shake, noting how tired the woman looked but not making a comment, instead, keeping the smile fixed over her face.

"Clara’ll do." Donna countered, shaking the womans hand. "This will probably sound bonkers to you, but where am I?" she decided to ask, but quickly adding "I’m a traveller, things get tedious with the back seat driver." she commented, smiling slightly.

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